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My practice is currently full, I may have space in June, for couples.

Hello and welcome,

I'm Karen, an accredited therapist with the BACP. I offer counselling and psychotherapy for individuals over the age of 18, counselling for couples, marriage counselling, and am happy to support communication between a parent and their adult child.

In my practice, I work with individuals and couples who identify as Autistic, and or as having ADHD, and those who identify as Neurotypical.

I am based near Tameside, East Manchester, but currently work online, with UK based clients. I am trained to work online, and for many people, online therapy is a good alternative to face-to-face sessions. It can be equally as effective and very convenient, as we can work anywhere, as long as it is quiet, private and we have good internet access.

There are many reasons for seeking psychotherapy, as a counsellor, I have found that these reasons are often expressions of pain. Perhaps your pain seems obvious to you and those around you. Maybe, you've hidden it well, you can still manage at work and in your daily life, but inside, you know that you can't do this for much longer.

You're probably wondering, 'what can this counsellor do for me?'

Well, if you are willing to attend regularly, and are committed to the process both within the session and outside, I can help you to:

Think clearly about your reasons for seeking psychotherapy right now - not always obvious- and what you hope to gain.

Bring into awareness, underlying motivations for unwanted and repetitive thoughts, feelings and actions.

Speak your truth and share the things that you've felt unable to share with family or friends.

Silence your inner critic, or that fearful voice that stops you from really living - today.

Connect or reconnect with your self-worth, and your inner strength.

Begin your journey towards being the person that you want to be, living life as you want to live it - on your own terms.

I have worked successfully with a variety of issues, for instance: sexual, emotional and physical abuse, grief and loss, racism, identity, affairs and strained relationships, alongside the search for meaning and direction in life.

However, my particular passion is transgenerational trauma; the passing of trauma between the generations of a family, and I specialise in working with individuals who have experienced childhood trauma, and express their pain through anger, depression or high levels of anxiety.

I am a Relate trained Couples Counsellor. However, I now work exclusively with a dynamic and empowering model known as Imago Relationship Therapy. My particular focus is couples who are committed to restoring their love relationship. It may feel as if your marriage is suddenly on the rocks after an affair, or, over time, the things that drew you to each other before marriage, now feel like intense sources of irritation. Your communication struggles may even feel like a mystery to you. Through the Imago Dialogue process, we can co-create a safe space where you can both share your truths, feel heard, understood and valued, where intimacy and love can grow.

Faith and spirituality are of particular interest to me, and I often have enquiries from Christians. I am not a Christian Counsellor, but I am a Christian who is trained to a high level in counselling and psychotherapy; if you would like our work to have a Biblical perspective, I can do that. Some well-meaning people place a heavy burden on Christians, because they don't think that it is God's will to see a counsellor, whilst they might not question seeing a dentist for a toothache. Obviously, I don't share such a view, and would never judge anyone for seeking help. You may stand at the pulpit battling depression, sit in the congregation struggling with anxiety, or it may even feel that pain has stifled your faith and you're done; whatever you are going through, you don't have to struggle alone.

In a world where we can be so busy 'doing': earning love and respect, and generally proving our worth, I provide a space where you can take the time to breathe and 'be'. As we work together, you can be many things: still, heard, real, understood, co-creative, accepted, you.

If you are ready to overcome your past, and rewrite what seemed to be an inevitable future, whilst growing in hope and resilience, get in touch and we can discuss your specific needs.

Online sessions mean that location is no longer a barrier, wherever you are, Tameside and beyond, I look forward to hearing from you.

Help is available, so take that step and reach out, because your emotional well-being is worth the effort.

"You may not control all of the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them." - Maya Angelou

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